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ALS ice bucket challenge      


I’ve been nominated a few times for making a topless ALS ice bucket video. I’m thinking it would be silly not to use all my followers for a good cause as this is…SO, Lets get a donation going. I will donate all the money y’all give me and send everyone who contributes the video link….. Are we in?

I think 5$ donations and anyone who donates more than 50$ I will send a personal video of mine as well….I mean it is for a good cause after all. You can hit the donation button on my blog or send donations via PayPal to akiraluv80@gmail.com (Let me know if you don’t have PayPal and I will email you a link to donate through.)

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aceshighnolimits asked: First off just want to say been a follower for awhile and you are one of my favorite on tumbler. My dick is always hard when I look at ur profile and I masturbate to it all the time. And second tried finding you on vine and I can't plz help

Well I’m happy to keep your hand as full haha…. And I got kicked off Vine months ago because I’m too slutty…story of my life.

But here’s a link to buying my videos :) Much longervthan vines too!