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Akira Luv

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I hate to break it to you but…



Contrary to what most “stoner girls” on tumblr do, I don’t smoke weed in my fucking underwear 24/7, I don’t put on shitty music, and I don’t try to shake my ass during bong rips or dabs.

Hate to break it to you guys butttt I just smoke weed like the rest of ya.

***not like other girls***

I guess I’m like all the rest of the girls haha

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Anonymous asked: I have $21.43. Would that do it?

Well, considering you said touch my boob… I’m assuming that only means one. So that sounds fair. Your 5 seconds starts now. GO!

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Anonymous asked: If I saw you in person would you let me touch you boob?

Idk. How much $$$ you got in your pocket?

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nibbyman asked: Do Sasha and your man ever pleasure each other?

No, but he pleasures me while I pleasure her :)