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Akira Luv

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You know… You guys are right! There is a ton of free porn on the internet. The difference is people who pay for my videos appreciate true amateur porn. They don’t want to watch the same thing as 1000’s of other people. Click on 20 videos and wait for them to load before they get that one that is what they are into. They don’t want tons of porn in their search history for their wives to get mad….or all the pop ups. They want the real deal from someone they interact with.

I do not send samples of videos. I spend a lot of time making gifs for you all…. Those ARE the samples. MY VIDEOS ARE NOT FREE. Surprising this even needs to be explained really.

Luckily for you you don’t need to buy them. I don’t need your $$$ and I’m super tired of you cheap fucks making ignorant comments and waisting my time. Keep your opinions to yourself. There are plenty of people who know and appreciate what I do. I will stick to dealing with them. Thanks.

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